Icons / Categories

Categories and icons of B+S Map

Commerce, Services and Tourism Sustainable

Fair or market of organic products and / or local

Municipal Market

Shop local and organic food products

Shop sustainable non-food products

Shop with organic produce section or local

Shop where you can buy bulk products

Shop fair trade

Group ecological consumption

Local trade local products

Second-Hand Stores


Loan service or rental of equipment and other used items

Sustainable and healthy food restaurant

Dining collective ecological

Accommodation services and sustainable tourism

Public Toilet

Fair or non-food market

Arts and crafts


Businesses and organizations sustainable

Responsible company

Company goods or services for sustainability

Organization environmental certification

Member of Barcelona + Sustainable

Social and solidarity economy enterprises

Ethical finance


Environmental information and education


Centre exhibition or expression of urban art

+ Sustainable Schools

Environmental education facility

Documentation and Information Centre for Sustainability

Public Library

Institution or research center

Pollution control

Weather Station


Eco-innovation and environmental facilities

Sustainable urban development

Sustainable building

Installation of wind energy

Installation of solar photovoltaic

Installing solar thermal

Installation of geothermal energy

Distribution network and cooling


Voluntary agreement


Ornamental fountain

Ground water treatment

Point of obtaining groundwater

Stormwater retention tank

Ecodesign Centre and technological innovation

Green Point area

Green Point neighborhood

Stop Green Point phone

Clothing collection container

Waste treatment facility

School and community composting

Free municipal WiFi

Pipicà and space for dogs

Protective infrastructures

Water tank to reuse rainwater

Electric consumption of renewable funds

Installation of geothermal energy


Mobility and accessibility

Point refueling low impact

Charging point for electric vehicles

Sharing service vehicles

Rental vehicles low impact

Bike lane (west)

Bike lane (east)

Parking strategically close to public transport

Bicycle parking

Bicing station

Accessible to people with reduced mobility

Accessible to people with impaired hearing

Accessible to people with visual disabilities

Pedestrian zones or inverted priority

Way school

Nonverbal people


Community Participation and innovations

Market or exchange point

Time Bank


Support and mutual aid

Organizations of development cooperation and solidarity

Environmental Organization

Neighborhood association and movement

Center social, cultural or leisure

Space friend of children

Community space and self

Food Bank

Shared education space


Natural and cultural heritage

Park or public garden

Private garden

Historic park or garden

Park or forest or garden asilvestrado

Landscaped plaza

Botanical collection

Allotment and community garden

Area of ​​natural interest

Continental aquatic environment

Habitat coast

Area of ​​geological interest


Panoramic view

Trail, track or nature trail

Urban green corridor

Tree of interest

Green roof

Green wall

Flowering interest


Cultural site

Citizen science

Sensory spot

Biological indicator

Center that promotes biodiversity